Orussey Market Phnom Penh

A big and busy local market, Orussey offers a broader slice of “Cambodiana” than you’ll find in Russian or Central Markets; and who knows what you might pick up in the huge, two-storey hall that’s packed with everything from plastic pigs to dried fish and padding to make your bum look bigger.
No matter which country you’re in, its markets are always an interesting expression of the culture. From the sly argy-bargy of a British stall-holder flogging flaky jeans, to the almost oppressive insistence of an Indian fabric seller or the soft-spoken confidence with which French market vendors offer up the most perfectly imperfect foods, there are always hints to be gleaned of the national character. In Cambodia’s markets you’ll find crush, a little ordered chaos, a peculiarly coy approach to selling, and all-too-frequent clashes with the whiff of prahok.
Not far from the more serene environs of Central Market, Orussey Market is very much more local, which makes it much more fun in our view. Outside is chaos as delivery vans vie for space in which to offload in among the locals zipping up on motor scooters to pick up dinner, a television, flowers, clothes, or just a plastic pig. However, even with all the people that you’ll cross paths with here, the aisles are wide enough to keep the inside a reasonably comfortable, mannered experience. Until you get upstairs.
source : http://www.travelfish.org










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