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First, you must save the biodegradable plastic spoons as you can, don’t threw it away if it is on your hand. There are many ways to save it, the first way is saving it when you seen it on the street, so it means you care about your garden or environmental. The second way is getting it from the other shop that used the biodegradable plastic spoons, just tell them save it for me please. These ways are my opinions so you use them or use your ways to get the biodegradable plastic spoons.

Second, after you have enough the biodegradable plastic spoons, you have to buy a glue stick for plastic and woods. It uses for connecting the biodegradable plastic spoons and the signboard.

Finally, you can organize it on the signboard one by one, step by step by your hand until it becomes a creative signboard from the rubbish of biodegradable plastic spoons. If you cannot understand what I explain you in the text above please look at the picture below.

The litter can make something good for your life.

Actually, the husk of the coconut is the rubbish, but you can recycle it to be something that you want. For example, the husk of coconut in this post recycle to be a useful of a planting flower box. I really like it because it can save and make my flower growing so faster than other box of the planting flower. One more things, I can move it to other place that I want.

I saw somebody threw away the husk of coconut because they don’t have idea to recycle it and important about it. That’s why I wrote this post for you to reduce and recycling the rubbish.


Do you know how to reuse glass bottles for a different purpose? So I would like to show you an idea to reuse the glass bottles, which is a rubbish. This idea will show you how to make a glass bottles to be a creative school wall of Coconut School. There are many tools to make the creative wall. Those ones are your hand first, glass bottles, plastic water pipe, air tools, water, and one more special tools is tools for piercing the glass bottle etc.

There are three steps to create this wall. The first step, cut the plastic water pipe 50 centimeters and bury it in the ground for 30 centimeters, it means the height is 20 centimeters from the ground to the top of the plastic water pipe. Please make sure the size of the plastic water pipe match with the glass bottles. The second step, prepare the air tools and the special tools for piercing the glass bottles. After you prepared them already use it to pierce on the bottom of the glass bottles. You can do this action until it gets enough glass bottles for making your wall. Make sure you use water during pierce the glass bottles. If you are not sure, you can watch our video first and then try to make it step by step. The third step, after you got enough glass bottles, you need three or four people to help you when you are making the wall. It is too difficult during put them order from down to up. You also need air tools in this step. Finally, you can get the creative wall, which you want to make. If you want to know more detail, please go to our website.













Education is key to reduce the poor situation.

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