Fantastic Water World – Phnom Penh

Grand Phnom Penh International City is the first and the biggest international city in Cambodia. Located just 7 kilometers North West of the center of Phnom Penh. It offers peace and tranquility – with easy access to the central city.

The iconic township is a joint venture between Ciputra Group, the renowned Indonesia development company, and YLP Group Cambodia. Featuring all amenities for you and your family, including an international standard school, world-class hospital, shopping centers, the nation’s most prestigious golf club, a waterpark, and a variety of residences to cater to all sectors of society. Choose from villas, shop houses, and apartments, all at various price ranges; in total numbering over 44,000 units. source :

13178910_230163517361279_7127786274500644829_n 13319859_10153701958331243_8899691197645442266_n 13427780_152294498516838_1294638914227039799_n 13921006_10154320228350903_7190855366434032282_n 14054954_10154320226050903_5204275619490833093_n 14457442_1254517591272471_8863366645910363700_n 15179045_782354368569744_4545610542892638546_n 15355695_782354355236412_3269539954091893087_n gppicwaterpark1-1024x337 gppicwaterpark2-1024x576 waterpark waterpark3 waterpark5_0


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