Boxing (interesting place and enjoy)

Friends, if you like watching live Khmer Boxing or Kun Khmer boxing on local TV Channels in Cambodia then I am going to tell you the schedule and listing of the weekend program for each TV as below.
I am the big fan of boxing and I watch live boxing on TV every weekend usually in the afternoon and evening Cambodia time. There are 4 local TV channels that live boxing program and I watch those 4 even some of those live at the same time, but I can use remote to switch between the match that I like most and I can keep my time enjoying the boxing.
The 4 local TV channels that I mentioned is Cambodian Television Network (CTN), Bayon TV, TV3 and TV3. They usually trying to organize very interesting boxing match each week but I just feel strange seeing some boxers on the match almost every week unlike professional boxing from other countries they only fight a few times or several time per year and make millions.

CTN Khmer Boxing Program

CTN has their update show of their program online where I can check before time of the show. It is very useful for whenever I forgot the airtime of the program I just jump quick to their website and check the schedule.
At the weekend they have Khmer Boxing or Khmer Kick Boxing program on Saturday and Sunday. For Saturday boxing program, in the morning is at 07 :45 -09 :30 Traditional Boxing and they have live boxing from 17 :30 -19 :00 and that is the time I have the remote control to view the boxing match.
For Sunday, they have boxing program at 07 :00 -08 :45 for Boxing CTN Champion and rerun of the boxing program at 01 :30 -03 :00 Sunday Boxing (Replay).
Bayon TV has Prodal Kbach Boran Khmer (Khmer Traditional Kick Boxing Program)
Bayond has a mission to show the boxing program of traditional cambodian kick boxing to their audience by promoting the traditional khmer kick boxing, encourage young people to involve in sports, and seeking popularity for Bayond TV.
The kick boxing show live on air every Saturday and Sunday from 14:30pm to 19:00pm and rerun program at 13:30pm to 14:30pm every Tuesday and Wednesday. Bayond is the only TV station that has the seating area for the judge to give score to each match. It is allow for online live show of their programs.
TV5 Boxing Programs
Another local TV station that usually match very interesting boxers, they have their live Khmer boxing program every Sunday afternoon at 15:35 to 18:00pm.
This station allow online live broadcasting where viewer can see in on internet.
TV3 Kun Khmer Kick Boxing
At the moment I cannot access their website at and as I knew usually they have live khmer boxing program every Saturday afternoon which I usually watch at home too.
This station also allow for online live broadcasting of their every show. I like every boxing show from these 4 local TV station and I watch it every weekend too.

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