Phnom Penh Beautiful nightlife Experience

Night tour Start 6: 00pm-10: 00pm

On this Phnom Penh night tour, you’ll get the chance to expertise Cambodian culinary art, delicious cocktails and local brew, and see firsthand the distinctive nightlife Phnom Penh needs to provide. Start off the night at a upsidebar for cocktails, where you’ll meet your tour guide and find prepared for a night of eating & exploring Phnom Penhnightlife. After cocktails, hop on the rear of our new Tuk Tuk and join the locals within the active street traffic.

The next stop on this Phnom Penh night tour is popular amongst locals World Health Organization area unit desirea number of the most effective local road food the town needs to provide. Try delicious recent oysters withancient Cambodian toppings and this stop’s known Basa fish. Another feature at this stop will be tasting Kampot pepper with squid, which is far-famed because the best pepper within the world. After this street food stop, hop on the Tuk Tuk and drive past a number of the known sights of Phnom Penh, and stop at the beautifully lit Independence Monument for a temporary story concerning the history. Zooming through the city lights, you will then expertise a preferred spot amongst locals for live music & eating. With a mix of prime Cambodian songs and additionallyforeign rock hits, you’re bound to keep diverted. Finish this Phnom Penh night tour at a rich street of tiny distinctivebars for cocktails and cold brew. Oh, and did we mention this tour includes free flow drinks and all-you-can-eat?

*Phnom Penh Night Tour Highlights* – Rooftop cocktails, zooming around city traffic & known sights, local street food, live music restaurant, upscale alley bar, free flow drinks & all-you-can-eat.


Involved: transport simply by Tuk-Tuk, Excursions guide, experienced drivers, breakfast and mineral water food, and drnk.

Price $39 Per Person, Kids Under 12 Receive 50% Off
Free pick up and turn you back to your accommodation in Phnom Penh.
For more information please contact Tel: 855 (0) 10 40 50 86
or Email:

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